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4B23(title)    How The Satan communicated with Abraham and his chosen descendants

It is assumed that The Satan continued to communicate “internally” with all people, as he had done previously when it was only possible to identify him as “God’s Enemy” [2B23(title) and 3B23(title)].  Possessing pagan gods Gen 31:19,30b,32,  35:2,4 could be expected to have involved dark communications with him.

4B23(sub-title)    The Satan directly targeted their thoughts and the inclinations of their hearts, through their knowledge of evil

There were many examples of people having sinful thoughts and heart-inclinations and putting them into action [4B22(title)].  This included doubting and disbelieving God’s unchanging declarations and promises.  Even Abraham sometimes did this Gen 15:8,  17:17,  20:11 as well as some of his chosen descendants Gen 26:9,  37:3-4.

It was obvious that all people were variously motivated by their self-serving desires.  This implied that The Satan was directly targeting and influencing them inwardly through their knowledge of evil.

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This arrow indicates that The Satan went about opposing God’s instructions for Abraham and his chosen descendants.  He did this by communicating internally with them, provoking them to sin.

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