NTB – What is a “Christian”?

© Jeff Stacey | Last updated: 24 February 2021

“Christian” means a person who believes and wholeheartedly chooses to accept God’s free gift of forgiveness of their sinfulness.  This gift is through the life, death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ, as revealed in the Bible.  

So “Christians” are OK with God!  Then with the Holy Spirit living in them, and learning from the Bible and each other, they grow in knowing, obeying, loving and enjoying God.  This will be shown by how they think, speak and act.  After dying they will go to Heaven to live gloriously with God forever.

Yet “Christians” are often not favourably regarded by other people. Even at the beginning, the word “Christian” had soon become a label of scorn and opposition 1Peter 4:14-15. But it actually was and still is a profound honour to be labelled with the name of the Son of God! 1Peter 4:16.

So, next question:   how does a person become a “Christian”?

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