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1B20.  God’s instructions for Adam and Eve:
God’s roles, one requirement and warning for them

1B20(title)  God’s instructions for Adam and Eve

God had given specific declarations and instructions to Adam and Eve.  Because these were God’s instructions, they were absolute

1B20(sub-title)  God’s roles, one requirement and warning for them

God had declared His roles for all people on Earth Gen 1:28.  Then His command to Adam was His one requirement and warning Gen 2:16-17.  

There was no room for any altering or neglecting of these instructions.  They were to be obeyed by Adam and Eve in all situations.  Only on this basis was God going to continue to give them LIFE Gen 2:17b.  In this way He would be making Himself known THROUGH them, as they fulfilled His roles for them.

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