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3B26.  Some responded with wholehearted commitment to God:

They obeyed God’s Covenantal requirements, so were carrying out His Covenantal commission

3B26(title)  Some responded with wholehearted commitment to God

There were three situations where Noah (twice) and his two older sons (once) responded with wholehearted commitment to God, as follows.

3B26(sub-title)  They obeyed God’s Covenantal requirements, so were carrying out His Covenantal commission

In each of these three situations they did what they knew was right.  They obeyed God’s instructions.

Cycle 1

3B26(a)  Before the FLOOD, Noah fully obeyed all of God’s directions

Prior to the FLOOD and God establishing His Covenant with Noah, His two basic requirements still applied [2A10].  Noah fully obeyed all God’s commands Gen 6:22,  7:5,15-16a.  He had responded with wholehearted commitment to God, carrying out His implied commission [2A11].  This was just as he had done previously Gen 6:9.

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Cycle 2

3B26(b)  Noah worshipped God

After his extraordinary survival of the FLOOD, Noah responded by worshipping God wholeheartedly Gen 8:20.  He was continuing to fulfil God’s intended roles by doing what was right.

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Cycle 5

3B26(c)  Shem and Japheth showed respect for their father Noah

Shem and Japheth respected their naked father Noah by covering him without looking at him Gen 9:23.  Obviously they made a deliberate effort to “do what was right”.   They were responding with wholehearted commitment to God in the situation.

God’s responses to Shem and Japheth [see 3B27(c)] followed one further acute heart-testing situation (Cycle 6).

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