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3B23(title)  How God’s Enemy communicated with all people

All people had a conscience – they knew what was good and evil [2A10(c)].  But they also had inclinations towards evil Gen 8:21c.  So God’s Enemy could easily continue to communicate inwardly with them.

3B23(sub-title)    God’s Enemy directly targeted their thoughts and the inclinations of their hearts through their knowledge of evil

God’s Enemy could strongly influence all people by directly targeting their thoughts and heart-inclinations.  His aim was to corrupt and overcome their moral impulses to do good rather than evil.  Because of their corrupted hearts, people found evil attractive and often temptations to do it felt compelling!

Some continued to think about evil and do it Gen 9:21-22,  11:4 [see 3B28 and 3B30] but others did not Gen 8:20,  9:23 [see 3B26].

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This arrow indicates that God’s Enemy continued to oppose God’s instructions by communicating internally with all people, ruthlessly provoking them to sin by disobeying God.

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