NTE – What if a person is not a “Christian”?

© Jeff Stacey | Last updated: 3 November 2022

NTE1 What are the ultimate meanings and outcomes of life?

There are so many outstanding people who are not Christians.  Some are rightly held in honour for all the ways they have benefited people.  Others are amazingly successful in life Ecclesiastes 2:4-11, 4:4. Yet what will be the ultimate outcomes of their lives from God’s point of view?  Ecclesiastes 1:3, 12:14.

Jesus Christ explained that the earthly lives of all people are really only a short “proving ground” Matthew 16:25-26.  The “main event” is our ongoing existence forever!  That will begin either after our death, or if Jesus Christ (“the Son of Man”) returns to Earth before we die.  Whenever He does return, God’s final judgment of all people will occur Matthew 16:27.  

NTE2 God’s assessment of each Christian person’s life

In God’s final judgment, all Christians will “pass as perfect”. They are OK with Him, because they had chosen to accept His free gift.  As their substitute, Jesus Christ’s death will totally cover all their fatal guilt for having ever ignored God or failed to live fully for Him Hebrews 9:27,28, 10:14.

NTE3 God’s assessment of each non-Christian person’s life

God will also be passing His final judgment on all people who have NOT chosen to accept His free gift.  They will still not be OK with Him.  According to the Bible, this is terrifying bad news.  It’s not to be ignored NOW.  

[Personal note: I am most uncomfortable about even writing this.  But it’s not about me –  I’m “just a messenger”.  My job in all of this is to find out and make as clear as I can what the Bible says.  And this part must be made clear for all people, surely?]

Despite living even outstanding lives, each person’s basic imperfection has to be dealt with. It must be overcome in God’s only way.  If not, their fatal condemnation continues and eternal separation from God awaits John 3:17-18. That’s no picnic – it’s totally catastrophic!  The Bible mentions this often, such as in a stark story told by Jesus Christ Luke 16:19-31. 

[Note: “Moses and the Prophets” is just another description of the Bible, although at the time it only meant the Old Testament.]

NTE4 Some serious objections to this awful prospect

But, doesn’t the Bible say that God loves us?  Yes, He does. All our life He has loved us and sought our love for Him – as the Bible says constantly.  Yet if a person didn’t want Him and His love-gift through His Son, that’s their choice.  God will never force it onto anyone.  His love always includes respecting all people and their own choices.  So each must take full responsibility for the consequences.  Although that can have very grim outcomes, yet it does make sense.  What more could God have done?

But, what about people who have never heard any of this?  Well, all Christians have been commanded by Jesus Christ to tell it to others and help them to become His followers too Matthew 28:18-19,20.  Christians are doing this by many means now, even by worldwide multi-lingual literature, mass media, satellite TV and the internet.  

It’s also why I’ve put these notes online.  Now it’s over to you – and we want to help you. 

NTE5 A final reminder and warning

There are many other definitions of a “Christian”.  Some of these do not closely line up with the Bible’s teachings. They distort, add to or leave out what the Bible says.  Other versions of “Christian” mainly rely on observing various long-standing traditions, rules and rituals, some being non-biblical.  Still others emphasise less vital biblical items, rather than God’s great gift as outlined above.  There are even some that don’t refer to the Bible at all.  So don’t be deceived Matthew 24:11-13,14.

NTE6 Getting serious – respond now

It is vitally important for you to get this right. Do your own research – “due diligence” – by closely reading and studying the Bible for yourself Acts 17:11.

Clearly it’s not smart to procrastinate – to put off to “sometime” any decisive response to all this. The Bible has repeated examples of God’s “deadlines” for individuals and communities and nations, such as Jesus Christ’s final words to the people of Jerusalem Luke 19:41-42,43,44.

This is grim yet escapable stuff. May God have mercy on us all and help us to live for Him. That is my prayer for you and all who read this, and for myself too. God does love us all and has freely given His priceless way for us to become OK with Him John 3:16-17,18. Take it now!

Most sincerely and earnestly,

Jeff Stacey