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2B25.  Initial reactions of people:
These depended on their heart-motivations

2B25(title)  Initial reactions of people

It is assumed that in each heart-testing situation, people initially reacted prior to making their responses.  

2B25(sub-title)  The initial reactions of people depended on their heart-motivations

These reactions reflected each person’s heart motivations.  There was only one occasion where such initial reactions were recorded, being Cain’s in Cycle 6.

Arrow 2B24 -> 2B25

This arrow indicates that Cain initially reacted in various ways to the diverse pressures and challenges he was  facing.

Arrows 2B25 -> 2B26,

2B25 -> 2B28  and

2B25 -> 2B30

These arrows indicate that after people’s initial reactions, they made various decisive responses to the challenges they faced, committing themselves by their words and actions.

As only Cain’s one initial reaction and then response is recorded (Arrow 2B25 -> 2B28), the other two Arrows (2B25 -> 2B26 and 2B25 -> 2B30)are just included to indicate the potential for such initial reactions prior to responses.

Cycle 6

2B25(a)  Cain’s initial reaction to God’s condemnation

Cain’s initial reaction to God’s condemnation was to complain that it was unbearable Gen 4:13.  This showed that Cain’s heart-motivations of anger and humiliation had finally been overcome, but replaced by fear.

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