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[GENESIS 1:1 – 4:26]


1B(intro)1  The information about God so far:  Chart 1A

God created the whole universe including planet Earth and the first two people, Adam and Eve [1A4].   God’s primary purpose in all of His creation was to express His own nature forever, beginning especially on Earth by making Himself known to people worldwide, and through them as they respond to Him [1A3].

God was committed to Adam and Eve and interacted with them in a direct and intimate relationship, making Himself known TO them [1A8].  He fully provided for them to have LIFE, both physical and spiritual [1A9].

God’s roles for Adam and Eve were to share with Him in accomplishing His primary purpose.  Initially they were actually fulfilling these roles because they were “made in the image and likeness of God” [1A11(a)].  He was expressing His own nature THROUGH them as they were enjoying LIFE freely in relationship with Him and each other [1A11(b)].   As God’s blessing upon them had declared, they were able to procreate and were “subduing” the Earth, including caring for the Garden of Eden, and ruling over all of its creatures Gen 1:28 [1A11(c)].

God intended all this to happen worldwide eventually, as the people multiplied and spread [1A11(c)(i)].  His nature would then be expressed everywhere on Earth, TO and THROUGH the people.  This would be seen especially in their relationships with each other, even as whole complex societies and cultures.

This vastly privileged position of Adam and Eve and intended for all people, carried solemn responsibilities.  They were to obey God’s one requirement absolutely [1A10].

1B(intro)2  How would it actually work out?

God’s perfect creation was actually vulnerable due to the freedom of choice He had given to Adam and Eve [1A6(f)].  He had even warned them that when they chose to disobey His one requirement they would suffer death, both physical and spiritual! [1A12].

That would be nothing less than “paradise lost”, a catastrophic FALL.   Not only would they corrupt themselves but also the whole perfect universe!  So although God left them to decide, He would hold them accountable for their choices.

1B(intro)3  Chart 1B

Chart 1B shows how the central role of Adam and Eve in Era 1 actually worked out.  Their choices and actions would have consequences for all future people and the whole of God’s creation.  Tragically it all ended with the FALL, as God had warned and even predicted! [1A12(b)].

Like Chart 1A, Chart 1B is based on GENESIS 1:1 – 3:24, the Bible chapters that refer to Era 1.  But it also includes some relevant information about Adam and Eve from GENESIS 4:1-26.

1B(intro)4  The Bible as the frame of reference

Although much is again only hinted at or implied in these first three chapters of Genesis, it is all vital for understanding the rest of the Bible.  Again I emphasise the value of reading these three chapters through before “doing the Chart”, just to get more familiar with what they say.  I would also urge you to browse many of the Bible verses as you work your way through these detailed explanations.  This will help to keep you “close to the biblical text” in your thinking [see CA8-10].  I hope it will also show that I have attempted to explain what the Bible verses say, rather than express my own opinions. 

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