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3B21.  How God communicated with all people:

God spoke directly to Noah and his sons, who passed on His instructions to their descendants

3B21(title)  How God communicated with all people

It is notable that all of God’s communications with Noah and his sons were one-way.  No dialogues were involved.  They were simply God’s declarations of His intentions and giving His instructions to them.

3B21(sub-title) God spoke directly to Noah and his sons, who passed on His instructions to their descendants

After the FLOOD God addressed both Noah and his sons Gen 9:1-7,8-16 then Noah alone Gen 9:17.  It is assumed that they must have passed on God’s instructions in various ways to their descendants.  This is apparent from the ethical principles underlying the later sins of Noah and Ham and the responses of Shem and Japheth, with the resulting outcomes [see 3B25 to 3B31].  Obviously they were all aware of the moral issues involved in their motives, words and actions.

Arrow 3B20 -> 3B21

This arrow indicates that God had directly and effectively communicated His directions to Noah, as well as His instructions for him and all his descendants.  So they could not claim to be ignorant of God’s Covenantal requirements, commission and warnings.  All people were accountable to obey them.

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