All teaching resources about the Bible would preferably be freely available to all and not up for sale 1Cor 9:18.  

Yet it does cost money to produce them, especially printed, illustrated and audio-visual materials.  These resources can meet vital needs worldwide for improving Bible knowledge and Christian commitment.  But if they are not paid for, many could not be produced at all.  The tension is with the commercial drive to make profits, with a sales/marketing push that can get excessive and wrong Matt 21:13.  Yet ethical trade is possible, reasonable and biblical 1Cor 9:11,14.  

The great advantage at present of many internet-based resources such as this website is their relatively low cost and potentially worldwide readership.  I am blessed to be currently funding it from my own savings.  This is made possible largely by the committed Christian company who are doing the website management for me at NO cost! 2 Cor 8:3-4.  The FREE Faithlife Reftagger application is also a valuable tool.  

Please pray that we can continue long-term on this basis  1Cor 9:12,16.  We would value this prayer more than money.  To spread real understanding of the Bible and of knowing God is what matters!  Ephesians 6:19.

However, if you would like to contribute to the website managers or myself as a donation, please contact me using the “Your Comments” email form and I will make arrangements so you can do so.


Jeff Stacey