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3A4.  God’s nature expressed as perfection:

God judged the people’s total sinfulness

3A4(title)  God’s nature expressed as perfection

Sooner or later God’s nature of perfection could only result in the complete condemnation and elimination of all evil and corruption.

3A4(sub-title)  God judged the people’s total sinfulness

Having warned the people of His coming judgment, God’s deadline arrived [2B31(f)].

The drastic extent of God’s ultimate judgment seems extreme!  He condemned almost all people to destruction!   He was also going to kill almost all of the land creatures and birds and demolish the whole landscape of Earth!! Gen 6:13c.1  This was the appallingly appropriate expression of God’s perfection [1A5(title)].  

God’s judgment was in accord with His primary purpose.  It was a negative expression of His own nature of perfection.  He would destroy almost all in creation that had been corrupted by the people’s complete sinfulness.  Indeed it is surprising that this had been delayed for so long!

The fact that Noah and his family would escape, along with some of the creatures, was only possible due to God’s grace [2B27(e)].  In their case His own nature of love prevailed over His perfection [see 3A6].

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1.   Actually, planet Earth continued to exist.  So it is assumed that when God said “I am surely going to destroy . . .  the earth” He was referring to a total upheaval of the Earth’s surface or landscape.  The magnificent original landforms would have been demolished by the FLOOD, afterwards being left in a totally disturbed and much reduced state.(Return to reading).