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2A9.  God’s generous gifts to all people:

(a)  God still provided for their continuing existence (physical)
(b)  God let them retain many of their capabilities (physical and spiritual)

2A9(title)  God’s generous gifts to all people

Originally God made full provision for Adam and Eve to have LIFE  –   “in the image and likeness” of Himself, both physical and spiritual [1A9].  But the FALL resulted in a calamitous loss of Godlikeness compared to their original capabilities, activities and circumstances.

Yet God’s gifts continued to be given generously to all people despite their sinfulness, as follows.

2A9(a)  God still provided for their continuing existence (physical)

There were many ways that God continued to provide for their physical existence:

# They did not immediately die physically Gen 3:6b,7-8

# God said that they would have food to eat, although hard-won Gen 3:18-19

# He clothed them! Gen 3:21

# Adam named Eve in anticipation of their continuing existence and of having descendants Gen 3:20

# Children were later born  Gen 4:1-2,17-22,26,  5:3-31

# God gave them places to live and things to do to survive Gen 4:2b,16b,17b,20b

# They all had very long lives although they did eventually die Gen 5:3-32

# God even protected the life of Cain the murderer Gen 4:15

# Finally God even allowed mighty men (the “Nephilim”) to be born in ways apparently disapproved of by Him Gen 6:1-4 [see 2B24(a)(xi), 2B30(e) and 2B31(e)]

Only then did God’s generosity give way to judgment as He declared that He would destroy almost all people, land creatures and birds!  Gen 6:7-8.

2A9(b)  God let them retain many of their capabilities (physical and spiritual)

Some of these capabilities have already been listed [1B33(c)(i)].  A number of others are referred to in GEN 4:1 – 6:8.  The following is a more complete list:

2A9(b)(i)  Physical capabilities

# To make some basic “clothing” Gen 3:7

# To cultivate the soil Gen 3:17b,18-19a,23b,  4:2c-3,12a,  5:29b

# To procreate Gen 4:1,2a,17a,18,20a,21b,22a,25-26a,  5:3-32,  6:1,4

# To raise livestock Gen 4:2b,20c

# To travel and settle in new locations  Gen 4:12b,14b,16

# To build a city Gen 4:17b

# To make tents Gen 4:20b

# To make and play musical instruments Gen 4:21b

# To forge iron and bronze tools Gen 4:22a

2A9(b)(ii)  Physical and spiritual capabilities

# To make autonomous choices and decisions  Gen 3:6b,7b,8b,20a,  4:3,4a,8,16-17,19,23,  6:5b

2A9(b)(iii)  Spiritual capabilities

They still had the capability:-

# To be aware of God and communicate with Him Gen 3:8-13,16-19,  4:1b,3-7,9-16,25b,26b,  5:22b,24a,29,  6:8

They still had the potential capabilities:-

# To bring an acceptable offering to God Gen 4:4

# To “walk faithfully with God” Gen 5:22b,24a,  6:8,9b

God was generously still giving people all they needed to respond positively to Him IF they wanted to.

Arrow  2A8 -> 2A9

This arrow indicates that God’s ongoing commitment to the people led Him to still provide generously for them, and it was still possible for them to respond positively to Him.

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