OV3 – My “purpose-centred” approach

©  Jeff Stacey   |   Last updated:   3 February 2016

Generally the aims of both Systematic and Biblical Theology are to produce a “big picture” theological overview radiating out from some focal point of meaning.  What is this central focus that ties together all of the Bible’s theology?

Various well-known theological systems are centred on a core theme.  Some of these themes are:  

  • God’s sovereignty
  • the Covenants and covenantal relationships
  • the Kingdom of God
  • Christ in all the Scriptures
  • the Gospel of Christ
  • the history of redemption  

Do these provide the truly unifying biblical principle of ultimate meaning?  In the writings of some great Christian theologians, they do!  Each has their own perspectives and gifts of insight.

My own perspective is that if God’s aims can be understood, they will explain the reasons and roles for everything else.  I see this “Why?” emphasis as providing the central connection between all the biblical themes within a cohesive whole Ephesians 3:10-11.  In applying this perspective I have had a strong sense of discovery, that “it works”!

Therefore the focus of my biblical analysis is “God’s primary purpose“.1 

It could be regarded as an approach called “purpose-centred Biblical Theology.”2

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1.   It was for this reason that I chose the website name  www.godspurposebible.com.   (Return to reading)

2.   If copyright would allow me to borrow Rick Warren’s phrase it could even be termed “purpose-driven biblical theology”! (by a purpose-driven God!!)  (Return to reading)