CA6 – The interpretation methods used by Bible research experts

© Jeff Stacey | Last updated:  11 May 2020

The main method now used in Bible research tries to find what each biblical author intended to say to their original readers, before any attempt is made to apply this to our own times.  The technical term for this method is “exegesis”.

Initially it involves studying all of the surviving manuscripts of the biblical texts to decide what is the most accurate version of the original writings.  It also includes trying to identify the authors and their motives, as well as their places and dates of writing.  Then their circumstances and the influences upon them are explored, including their sources and intended readers.  The kinds of language and literary structuring they used are also studied.  These are all considered within what is known of their wider historical, cultural and religious settings.

All of this background information is included in investigations by Bible research experts.  They aim to clarify the underlying meaning of any biblical passage in its original setting and intent 2Timothy 2:15.  Accurate translations of the Bible into modern languages are based on this research, as well as detailed commentaries to explain each biblical book and passage.

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