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3B(JOB)23(title)  How the Satan communicated with God and people

The way that the Satan (God’s Enemy) had been allowed to communicate with God was now shown more specifically.  Extraordinarily, he was able to have direct access to God by being included in angelic audiences with Him! Job 1:6b,  2:1b.

The Satan also continued to communicate with all people inwardly [3B23(title)].

3B(JOB)23(sub-title)  The Satan could confront God directly.  He also targeted all people’s thoughts and the inclinations of their hearts through their knowledge of evil.

The Satan could even engage in confrontational dialogues with God and make accusations against Him! Job 1:7-12,  2:2-6.  But Job and his critics were unaware of all this.

The Satan knew he could influence Job by targeting his thoughts and the inclinations of his heart through his knowledge of evil [2A10(c)].

It is apparent that the Satan targeted Job’s wife and friends in these same ways.  Presumably his communications with them took place as he roamed about the Earth Job 1:7b,  2:2b observing their activities and considering their motives Job 1:8a,  2:3a.   His intention was to get them to criticise and discourage Job by making condemnatory speeches to him.  He wanted them to communicate his accusations against Job!  So again his strategy of disguising himself and communicating indirectly was used [1B23].

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 This arrow indicates that the Satan’s direct access to God and people gave him opportunity to pursue his evil intentions relentlessly.  He boldly sought to take full advantage of this to prevent Job and other people carrying out God’s Covenantal commission.

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