OV5 – God’s strategy throughout history

©  Jeff Stacey   |   Last updated:    25 July 2016

strategy is a plan of action to achieve an objective.  This objective must first be clearly defined.  Various obstacles and even opposition can also be anticipated.  When all of these aspects have been clarified, a strategy can be devised to try and achieve the objective.

God’s objective is to accomplish His primary purpose.  Because He is God, He achieves this in all that He says and does! Isaiah 46:10.

So knowing God’s primary purpose is the key to understanding the Bible’s big picture.  It explains why He has done things in the ways the Bible tells us.  The progression of biblical events was, is and will be the outworking of His strategy throughout all of history (it’s “His story”!).  It is how He is accomplishing His primary purpose despite all obstacles and opposition.

These are the interpreting principles that I find so illuminating. 

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