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1B23(title)   How God’s Enemy communicated with Adam and Eve

God had communicated His specific instructions by speaking directly to Adam Gen 2:16-17.  God’s Enemy also communicated by speaking directly to Eve, but his opposing “instructions”were not specific.  They were only cunningly implied by a question and a contradiction, raising doubt about God’s instructionsGen 3:1b,4-5.

1B23(sub-title)  Disguised as a serpent, God’s Enemy had a dialogue with Eve, craftily targeting her thoughts and self-serving desires

Disguised as a serpent, God’s Enemy had a dialogue with Eve.  First he targeted Eve’s thoughts by questioning her knowledge of God’s instructions Gen 3:1b-2,3.  Then deliberately using deception Gen 3:4 he appealed to her self-serving desires by making the knowledge of evil sound attractive Gen 3:5-6a.  He was challenging Eve to disobey God’s instructions.

By analysing the serpent’s words it is possible to discern not only his evil aims but also his crafty strategies and corrupt methods [see 1B24(d)].

Sadly he succeeded in provoking Adam and Eve to disobey God Gen 3:6.

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This arrow indicates that God’s Enemy deliberately opposed God’s instructions for Adam and Eve by means of a crafty dialogue with Eve.

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