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Diary of progress in building the website


First had ideas of the potential for doing biblical theology using flow-charts.  So I began drawing up my first (very complicated!) charts as part of my theological teaching aids.


Began writing up charts explanations as Word documents.

4 May 2011

Website initial specification completed for website Administrator.

18 July 2011

Website first went online.

11 September 2012

Website Administrator showed me and I began learning how to use a manual coding formula for inserting “speech bubbles” to show actual Bible verses when the verse references are “moused over” with the cursor.  Also highlighting in yellow the key words in the Bible verses, to emphasise the point I am making in the explanation.

22 November 2012

Working on section 5A6, looking up all the 173 occurrences of “holy” in Exodus to Joshua, then grouping them into categories to write up.

27 November 2012

My website Administrator inserted the Index menu for the first time.  This makes it so much easier to find each section of the Explanations.  Also learning how to do the links between the Index and the Explanations sections.

8 June 2013

Big day!  I discovered Reftagger (app for automatic insertion of “speech bubbles” to show Bible verses when the verse references are moused over with the cursor).  Start of a big job to re-do 1A, 1B, OV and CA to remove the manual insertions of speech-bubble codes (previously a big job back in the whole of March to insert them…) and leave only the Bible verse references remaining.

28 July 2013

Completed removing manual insertions of speech-bubble codes for Bible verses and inserting them for all the Footnotes in 1A, 1B, CA and OV.  Also did a review/re-editing of 2A.

Now to get started on reviewing/re-editing 2B to 4B, including breaking down the original single documents into separate documents for each box.

8 October 2013

Completed the reviewing/re-editing of Eras 1-4 (all of Genesis).  Currently working on Job.  

17 July 2016

3B(JOB) was initially completed in 2014.

I have not kept this diary up-to-date.  But the main progress has been to update the website template (on the Joomla platform) to Version 3.4.1, as the older version may soon become obsolete.  The new version went online on 27 June 2016.  It is especially suited for access by smartphone devices.

Scrolling down to Footnotes by simply clicking on the footnote number and then returning to text has been introduced.  Also direct continuations from section to section within some box write-ups has been set up in the B Charts, starting with the “cycles” in 3B24.

This has all delayed progress on the major task of studying and writing up Era 5.

September – November 2016

I have done a detailed review of the Charts and detailed explanations for HW, OV, CA and OTB, as well as Eras 1 to 4.  These will now stand as my final versions, except for any further insights that will come and require some additional adjustments.  I now go back at last to Chart 5 after over two years of improvements to the website technology, as well as other responsibilities and involvements. 

January 2018 

Still in Chart 5!  But 5A5 and 5A6 are now completed.  Have a look and you’ll see the amount of work involved in those… A lot of other stuff in life has taken priority.  But it is often positive after taking a pause from working on the website, to start up again with a fresh mind.  This usually results in seeing better ways of saying something, as well as new points to be included. For example, today I completely altered the home page.  Previously it had assumed that readers would be almost totally new to the Bible.  But the website’s explanations are pitched more to people who are reasonably familiar with the Bible and with the kind of language used in the explanations.    

January-March 2019 

Reviewing all work to date, to refresh my memory of it all after being preoccupied with other things, to make any minor improvements, and to try and progress the project Joshua 13:1.  I am eager to apply my method to the whole Bible!

September 2019

BIG DAY. I paid to have the platform and template of the whole website migrated from Joomla to WordPress.

18 February 2020

Today I had learned enough WordPress how-to and was able to start updating the website!

20 May 2020

Inserted the first New Testament material (NTS, with 5 attached articles).

11 July 2020

After discussions with Scott my website administrator, I began re-writing the Home Page to be more focussed. This is with a view to pursuing better ways of gaining readers through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and links to other websites.