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[GENESIS 4:1 – 6:8]


2B(intro)1  The information about God and the history so far: Charts 1A, 1B and 2A

Charts 1A and 1B set out the initial information about God and a record of the lives of Adam and Eve on Earth, ending with the FALL and the corrupting of the whole of creation.

Chart 2A then showed that God’s primary purpose had not changed [2A3].

God’s nature was expressed as love as He continued to interact with people and make Himself known TO them [2A4].  He expressed His power by still sustaining the whole universe, with His authority undiminished by the FALL [2A5].  His perfection was expressed as He brought further condemnation and judgment upon the people’s sinfulness [2A6].

God confirmed His ongoing commitment to all people by launching His way of GRACE for them to receive His acceptance [2A8].  He was seeking the wholehearted love of people for Him, so that they would obey His two basic requirements [2A10].  This was how they could share with God CONDITIONALLY in accomplishing His primary purpose, by fulfilling His intended roles for them [2A11].  In grace He provided all they needed to do this [2A9] but warned them of the dire consequences of disobedience [2A12].

2B(intro)2.  How would it actually work out?

The people now had ethical awareness, knowing what was evil as well as good.  They also still had the freedom to choose what to do.  Would they obey the promptings of their own conscience and do what they knew was good and right?   So began their terrible struggle with sin and the threat of its proliferation throughout whole communities.

The choices people made would again lead to dramatic consequences.  IF they were wholeheartedly committed to God and obeyed His two basic requirements THEN in grace they would be accepted by God.  They could even “walk with God” in an ongoing relationship! Gen 5:22b,24a,  6:9b.  He would make Himself known TO and THROUGH them.  By their actions they could regain something of “the likeness of God” and be fulfilling His intended roles, both individually and corporately [2A11].

But IF they were NOT wholeheartedly committed to God and did not obey His two basic requirements THEN they would NOT receive God’s acceptance.  Instead they would come under the control of God’s Enemy [2A12].

2B(intro)3  Chart 2B

Chart 2B is based on just the 66 verses in GEN 4:1 – 6:8, the same as for Chart 2A.  This material is mostly narratives Gen 4:1-17,19-26,  6:1-2,4 with some detailed genealogies Gen 4:18-22,  5:3-32.

The narrative began by focussing on the sons of Adam and Eve, initially Cain the eldest and his descendants Gen 4:1-24.  Then it moved on to their third son Seth and his descendants Gen 4:25 – 5:32.  Finally it surveyed the sinful state of all the people and declared God’s coming judgment upon them Gen 6:1-8.

This is the record of how the interactions between God and people actually worked out in Era 2.

2B(intro)4  Keeping focused on the Biblical text

It is vital to keep on being focussed on the Bible itself.  Again I encourage you to have a go at understanding the biblical text yourself first, to decide what you think it’s about.  Even reading these explanations is no substitute…    I also again urge you to look at many of the biblical verse references as you work your way through the detailed explanations of the Charts.

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