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2A10.  God’s two basic requirements for all people:

(a) To “do what is right”
(b) To “rule over” sin 

2A10(title)  God’s two basic requirements for all people

The brief encounter between God and Cain Gen 4:3-4,5-6,7 contains God’s only specific requirements for people in Era 2, as follows.

2A10(a)  To “do what is right”

God initially questioned Cain about his bad reactions Gen 4:6.   But then in GRACE, God made His generous offer of “acceptance” to Cain [2A8(c)(i)].  This offer contained God’s first basic requirement or CONDITION.  It depended on IF Cain did “what is right”  Gen 4:7a.

2A10(b)  To “rule over” sin

In grace, God went further and commanded Cain to “rule over” sin Gen 4:7b.  He must overcome the evil temptations to sin that were “crouching at his door”.  This was God’s second basic requirement for Cain. 

2A10(c)  Could Cain know what was right?

God’s first basic requirement assumed that Cain would know what was right in every situation.

Such ethical awareness had originally been acquired sinfully by Adam and Eve when they ate the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  The result was that they and all people gained a “conscience”.  This inner awareness or “voice” told them what was good and right.  But it also made them aware of what was evil and wrong.

2A10(d)  Could Cain obey God’s two basic requirements?

God simply required Cain to live according to his conscience by doing only what he knew was right.  This assumed that Cain could do what was right and not sin.  But it was all a matter of his choice between doing good or evil.  And that was a matter of his heart-motivations [2A8(b)].

In grace, God had accepted Abel and his offering, presumably on the basis that Abel had ruled over sin and done what was right Gen 4:4b.  So God’s absolute requirements could also be met by Cain IF he obeyed God’s two basic requirements. 

2A10(e)  These same basic requirements applied to all people

A few people did do “what was right” Gen 4:4,  5:22b,24a,  6:9b [see 2B26].  So somehow what God had directly told Cain also became known by others and obeyed by them.

But most people responded by doing what was not “right” Gen 4:5,8,23b-24,  6:5 [see 2B28 and 2B30].  The consequences of these responses [see 2B27, 2B29 and 2B31] also showed that God’s two basic requirements were applicable to all people.

Arrow 2A8 -> 2A10

This arrow indicates that God had made known TO Cain what were now His two basic requirements, after the FALL.  These were to be obeyed by all people so that they could receive His acceptance.  This was further evidence of God’s way of grace and confirmation of His ongoing commitment to all people.

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