OV8 – Flow-charting each Era

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OV8(a)  Two flow Charts for each Era

I have charted each Era using a pair of boxes-and-arrows flow Charts, A and B.

The “A” Charts outline God’s nature and His instructions for the people of each Era.  These Charts are derived from biblical statements made by God directly, or through His messengers such as angels or prophets.  The A Charts represent “the rules of the game” for each Era, being the theological framework that was set up by God.  Hence most of these box titles contain the word “God”.

The “B” Charts then show how people actually responded in that Era to God’s “rules of the game” in particular historical situations, together with God’s responses and the resulting outcomes.  These B Charts are based on biblical narratives about the thoughts, words and actions of people and of God.  So the B Charts represent “how the games were actually played” under God’s theological framework for each Era.1  

OV8(b)  Detailed explanations for each box and arrow

The detailed explanations for each Era do not draw from any of the biblical books that belong to later times.  But with the progression forward through time, all preceding Eras had relevance to the later ones.  So earlier biblical material is always considered when interpreting later Eras.

In the detailed explanations, sources other than the Bible have been omitted as far as possible.  So also have derivative issues arising from the biblical material.  This has been done deliberately, to avoid getting distracted from focussing on the main emphases of the Bible itself.

An introduction is provided for each Chart.  The boxes have been numbered to provide a logical sequence for reading them.  Detailed explanations for each box and arrow then show how they have been derived from the Bible.

OV8(c)  The value of showing theology visually 

This flow charting provides a consistent and relatively simple format that is easy to follow.  It gives both a theological and historical framework for studying any biblical book and its wider connections.

The layouts of the A Charts for all Eras are basically the same.  There are also similar layouts of the B Charts for all Eras.  Yet these forms of the Charts are really no more than one person’s way of creatively expressing biblical insights.  As with all graphic art, others may visualise things differently.

In all Eras God was accomplishing His primary purpose.  He was expressing His own glorious nature, especially by making Himself known TO and THROUGH people Ephesians 1:11,12.  So the Charts aim to show the development and outworking of God’s strategy in accomplishing His primary purpose as the biblical history unfolded.

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1. This A and B Chart layout highlights the constant practical focus of the Bible, both historically and currently.  The emphasis is always on knowing what God has revealed and commanded, then wholeheartedly putting it into practice!(Return to reading).