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His attributes

This simply summarises 5A1.  God had revealed much more of His own nature TO Moses in extensive direct speeches to him.  These mostly related to His Covenantal requirements and warnings for the Israelites.  This knowledge of God was then passed on TO the Israelites THROUGH Moses.

There were now three attributes of God’s nature that had been made abundantly clear.  These were:

  • The meaning, I AM, of His name Yahweh
  • What was meant by His “holiness” [see 5A5]
  • That He was fiercely jealous of His own uniqueness, absolutely forbidding any belief in or worship of other gods.

Another attribute was mentioned, God’s Spirit, that came upon people and extraordinarily enabled them to do whatever God required.  Yet although this was obviously supernatural and awe-inspiring in its manifestations, that attribute of God remained largely mysterious.

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