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3A5.  God’s nature expressed as power:

God brought the worldwide FLOOD

3A5(title)  God’s nature expressed as power

God’s mighty act of judgment by the worldwide FLOOD was a cataclysmic demonstration of His power, being an overwhelming expression of His own nature.  So although this catastrophe was a negative expression TO almost all people, it was another accomplishing of God’s primary purpose.

3A5(sub-title)  God brought the worldwide FLOOD

By the FLOOD God carried out His declared intention to kill almost all people, land creatures and birds and to demolish the existing landscape of Earth Gen 6:7,13,17,  7:21-22,23.  It covered the whole Earth for 150 days Gen 7:24.

But prior to the FLOOD God had miraculously brought to Noah breeding pairs of the land creatures and birds Gen 6:20,  7:8-9,15.  Although this miracle too was an expression of God’s power, it also expressed His nature of love [see 3A6].  Perhaps this was why it was mentioned three times.

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