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[GENESIS 6:9 – 11:26]


3B(intro)1  The information about God and the history so far:  Charts 1A to 3A

The Introduction to Chart 3A [3A(intro)1] summarised the information about God and the history as set out in Charts 1A to 2B.  It finished with God’s declaration that He was going to end the people’s universal corrupting of the Earth by destroying them! Gen 6:7 [2B31(f)].

Chart 3A then showed how God carried out this declaration by acting in both judgment and grace.  His perfection and power were expressed when He conclusively judged the people’s total sinfulness by the worldwide FLOOD.  He killed almost all of them and the land creatures and birds, as well as demolishing the existing landscape of Earth Gen 6:13,  7:21-22,23a.  But His love was also expressed.  In grace He saved “blameless and righteous” Noah and his family from the FLOOD Gen 6:9,  7:1b,23b as well as breeding pairs of land creatures and birds Gen 7:8-9.

After the FLOOD God UNCONDITIONALLY declared His blessing upon Noah and his sons Gen 9:1 [3A6(c)(iii), 3A11(a)].  He again acted in grace THROUGH Noah by “establishing His everlasting Covenant” with all people and creatures and the whole Earth Gen 9:11,16.  This was God’s formal confirmation of His ongoing commitment to them all.  He promised UNCONDITIONALLY to never again destroy them with a worldwide flood [3A8(sub-title)].

God also introduced a package of other Covenantal gifts and responsibilities for all people [3A8(g)].  Having let them retain many of their capabilities [3A9(title)] God made UNCONDITIONAL promises for planet Earth to be a stable “platform” for their continuing existence Gen 8:21a,22 [3A9(sub-title)].  He then declared His Covenantal requirements for them [3A10] with associated Covenantal warnings [3A12].  

All of these were inputs to God’s Covenantal commission for the people as they multiplied to form families, clans, tribes and nations [3A11(a)].  How it would all work out [3A11B(ii) or 3A12] was CONDITIONAL upon their responses to God’s Covenantal requirements [3A11(b)(i)].

3B(intro)2  God’s Covenantal commission

The new paradigm of responsibility for all people under this Covenant [3A13(a)] was the same in principle as for Charts 1A and 2A [1A13(sub-title) and 2A13(a)].  But it now involved some significant modifications of God’s provisions and requirements that had originally applied to Adam and Eve [3A13(b, c)].  Yet the intended outcomes were the same.  Under God’s Covenantal commission the people CONDITIONALLY could still share with Him in accomplishing His primary purpose, by being wholeheartedly committed to Him [3A11(b)].

God had originally entrusted freedom of choice to Adam and Eve [1A6(f)].  He continued to allow the people to have this freedom along with many of their other God-like capabilities.  Yet in view of their disastrous previous history, they still had obvious deep-seated “heart-problems” in responding appropriately to God.  He knew this, even stating it plainly when establishing His Covenant  Gen 8:21b.  

People remained vulnerable, again struggling to obey God’s Covenantal requirements and avoid falling into sin and evil.  Their situation remained impossible without a repentant change of heart towards God.

3B(intro)3  Chart 3B

This whole Chart is based on the same limited data as Chart 3A, GENESIS 6:9 – 11:26.  Initially it deals with Noah’s responses to God before and during the FLOOD.  Then it focuses especially on how the Covenant that God had established with Noah and his family, all creatures and the whole Earth actually worked out in the new circumstances after the FLOOD.

3B(intro)4   Keeping close to the biblical text

Again my focus in the following notes is on what is emphasised in these chapters of the Bible.  This continues my attempts to avoid getting easily distracted from the biblical text, and why I have provided many verse references for you to view as you follow my explanations.

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