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2B22(title)  God’s Enemy opposed God’s instructions for all people

Because of the FALL all people now knew about evil Gen 3:22a [2A10(c)].  So God’s warning to Cain Gen 4:7b was applicable to everyone.  This also implied that God’s Enemy was opposing God’s instructions for all people.

2B22(sub-title)  God’s Enemy challenged them to disobey God.  He was aiming to prevent them fulfilling God’s intended roles for them

God’s Enemy challenged their commitment to obeying God.  IF Cain or any other people disobeyed God’s instructions THEN sin like a prowling predator would pounce and “have” them Gen 4:7b.  This meant that God’s Enemy would gain control over them and cause them to sin even more.  That would prevent them fulfilling God’s intended roles for them.

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