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This was God’s primary purpose for the universe and especially for Earth and its people and creatures

This summarises the fact that the whole universe originally expressed God’s nature perfectly.  He had created and then sustained it in all its vast and rich diversity.  All features of the universe totally expressed His nature, not only in their created form but also by their ongoing processes and activities.

The first two people, Adam and Eve, were the central features in all of God’s creation.  They too were originally created “in the image and likeness of God”.  So they themselves were the perfect and supreme expressors of His own nature on Earth.  They were also able to observe, experience and fully appreciate Him in all that He had created.

It could be said that the whole created universe was intended as the backdrop for the central drama, with Earth being the stage.  The cast was God and people in the main roles, with all the creatures having supporting parts.  The plot of this drama would be how God accomplished His primary purpose.

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