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2B23(title)  How God’s Enemy communicated with all people

Because all people now had knowledge of evil Gen 3:22a God’s Enemy could communicate internally with them as well as by spoken dialogues [1B23].

2B23(sub-title)  God’s Enemy could now directly target their thoughts and the inclinations of their hearts, through their knowledge of evil

God’s Enemy could now influence all people by directly targeting their thoughts and the inclinations of their hearts.

Strongly desiring to seduce them, he ruthlessly tempted them to sin Gen 4:7b.  He was aiming to make them want to do evil rather than obey God’s instructions.  Like a crouching predator he watched for their responses.  But all people could still obey God’s instructions IF they wanted to! Gen 4:7c.

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This arrow indicates that God’s Enemy was relentlessly pursuing his evil aims.  He was now directly communicating with all people internally to tempt them to sin.

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