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3B22 (title)  God’s Enemy opposed God’s instructions for all people

No direct mention of God’s Enemy is made in GEN 6:9 – 11:26.  But his existence, aims and methods have previously been seen extensively and summarized [1B22, 1B23, 1B24(b),  2B22, 2B23 and 2B24(a)].   He had been constantly opposing God’s instructions and continued to do so [see 3B24(a)].

3B22 (sub-title)   God’s Enemy challenged them to disobey God.  He was aiming to prevent them carrying out God’s Covenantal commission

The heart motivations of all people had not changed even after the FLOOD Gen 8:21c.  In fact their whole nature was intrinsically sinful.  Not only did they have knowledge of evil but also a predisposition to do evil rather than good!

God’s Enemy took advantage of this at every opportunity.  He continued to challenge their commitment to obeying God, aiming to prevent them carrying out His Covenantal commission.

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