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3B30.  Many people responded with no heart-commitment to God:

They did not obey God’s Covenantal requirements

Cycle 4

3B30(a)  Ham showed complete disrespect for his father

Ham looked into Noah’s tent, saw him naked and then told this “hot gossip” to his two brothers  Gen 9:22.   Presumably he wanted to involve them in similar evil responses, especially to look into Noah’s tent too.  

Ham showed complete disrespect for his father and this was an obvious case of not “doing what was right”.  He had responded without heart-commitment to God.

God’s response to Ham [see 3B31(a)] followed two further acute heart-testing situations (Cycles 5 and 6).

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Cycle 7

3B30(b)  The men at Shinar decided to build their city and tower

These men on the plain of Shinar decided not to migrate any further, in direct opposition to God’s intention.  Instead they prepared materials and began to build their city as a permanent settlement, including erecting a high tower Gen 11:3,5b.  This project to enhance their status and security was blatantly self-serving and in defiance of any heart-commitment to God.

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