OV9 – My purpose in putting my version of the Bible’s big picture onto a website

©  Jeff Stacey   |   Last updated:   3 February 2016

The Bible deals with God and the ultimate meaning of life.  Exploring these is a central goal of Bible study.  For committed Christians, the aim then is to apply this information personally in daily life.

I am simply trying to contribute another resource to this essential and wonderful task of understanding the Bible Nehemiah 8:8.  What is presented here is intended to assist Bible exploration and stimulate interactive discussion with anyone, including experts.  By putting it on a .com website, my grand dream is to get responses from anywhere, worldwide!

Others will of course notice shortcomings in my understanding of the Bible.  But I will welcome this feedback because I consider that all insight into biblical truth (as with all activity of Christians) is meant to be communal, collective, corporate, interactive.

Admittedly this could become just a supermarket of opinions without careful studying of the Bible.  But there is also the opposite problem of falling into the sin of the Pharisees.  They were claiming to be the only ones who had “got it right”, so became experts at condemning all other viewpoints! John 3:13,10-11,  9:28-29.

All people must be free to make judgments as to what are central and peripheral truths as derived from the Bible Acts 17:11.  Yet the basis for such perceptions must also bear open scrutiny.  This procedure is all very humbling and is therefore potentially healthy.  

I certainly do not claim or imply that my approach is superior.  It is just another way of looking at biblical theology.  If this website motivates people to study the Bible more thoroughly than they would otherwise, it will be worthwhile.  I hope and pray it will be helpful to people in understanding the Bible, so that God will make Himself more known TO and THROUGH them!