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3B(JOB)22(title)  The Satan (God’s Enemy) opposed God’s instructions for Job

A shrewd observer of Job twice appeared before God in heaven along with “the angels” Job 1:6,  2:1.  Fourteen times he was called “satan”, a Hebrew word that meant “adversary” or “accuser”.  The NIV translates this simply as the name “Satan”.  But in the Hebrew Book of Job the word “the” comes before “satan”.  So this was really only a description of him rather than his name.

This description aptly summed up “the satan’s” evil nature and intentions.  He directly confronted God with criticisms, accusations and condemnations of the good man Job.  So obviously he was opposed to God’s instructions for Job.

“The satan’s” motives and actions were identical to those of God’s Enemy [3B22].  This made it clear that he was in fact the same evil being!  So the Book of Job for the first time identified God’s Enemy specifically by this term “the satan”.   But rather than being his name it was his descriptive title (“the accuser”) written here as the Satan.

3B(JOB)22(sub-title)   The Satan accused Job of corrupt motives.  So he incited God to permit Job to be afflicted severely, to challenge him to disobey God.  The Satan was aiming to prevent Job carrying out God’s Covenantal commission.

The Satan roamed about the Earth apparently observing people to find faults with them Job 1:7b,  2:2b.  Then he would try to use these alleged flaws as his basis for accusing and discrediting them and God Job 1:9,11b,  2:5b.

God had twice given superlative endorsements of Job’s integrity Job 1:8,  2:3.  But the Satan accused Job of having corrupt motives for being committed to obeying God Job 1:9-10,  2:4.

The Satan’s best opportunity to challenge Job to disobey God would be when Job’s heart was being acutely tested by his circumstances.  So he incited God to test Job severely in this way Job 1:11a,  2:3b,5a.  The Satan was ruthlessly trying to provoke Job to give up his moral integrity and turn against God by cursing Him! Job 1:11b,  2:5b.

The Satan’s aim was to prove his accusations about Job’s corrupt motives to be true.  IF successful he would prevent Job from carrying out God’s Covenantal commission.  THEN he could claim to have discredited God Himself by contradicting His endorsements of Job and thwarting His primary purpose!

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